2023 Personalised Sibling Santa / Father Christmas Letter


Our personalised Santa letters are a wonderful gift. 

Choose between Santa Claus and Father Christmas.

The letter will be printed onto A4 luxury ivory hammered card.

The letter comes with a brown A5 envelope personalised to the addressee with their name and a Santa stamp.

The letter reads:

 Dearest _______________,


I have spent the entire year looking forward to writing to you all. This year has seen the return of our most precious North Pole circus. The elves have been busy working tirelessly to build our brand new big top. They worked their magic and have created something rather magnificent. Our North Pole circus is a joyous celebration of uniqueness. Mrs Claus & I watch on in awe of the talent on display each night. Each act as unique, and fiercely brave as the last. You may spot the polar penguins dance freely on the trapeze or the reindeer prance through the air spreading light and magic dust over the lucky elves watching below as our polar bears and arctic foxes play the most merry of tunes. It is truly an experience nothing short of pure magic one may say. My most favourite & arguably the most special part of our wondrous spectacle is the part where we celebrate you all. That’s right. You read correctly. Every elf and every animal cheer your names as the band plays a hymn of love and celebration. ____________, they cheer! What a wonderful world it is to live in with the ____________children! We hear over and over again. We celebrate every kindness you have shown this year, every bit of strength you have exhibited, your wonderful uniqueness’, your caring nature and your resilient hearts, all of which makes you all so perfectly made. I get goosebumps as I hear all of the magnificent things you have achieved & how much you have all grown this year. Just when I think I couldn’t be any prouder I burst with pride knowing that I have such a wonderful friends like you. Never ever stop being you, you are perfect just as you are. Stay magic my wondrous little friends.

Lots of Love and Christmas Magic

Father Christmas/ Santa Claus