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Hi! I'm Isabelle, founder of Abel and the label.

I am extremely passionate about improving the mental health of young people (and their grown ups) today. After suffering with my mental health from a very young age I know first hand how hard it can be to live with very little support.

I believe that through open conversations, education and a little perseverance we could change the world for the next generation and pave the way for better acceptance and more open conversations surrounding mental health. I have created these free downloads for you to use, put around your home, in your youth centres, in your classrooms, share with your friends or anyone you can think of! Having these around can create a welcoming and accepting environment and educate at the same time too! I hope they help in some way! Keep checking in as we will be adding new downloads often.

Isabelle x

Things to look forward to in September poster...

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When I feel anxious poster...

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Free mood boosters poster...

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