2022 BACK LETTER Personalised Sibling Santa / Father Christmas Letter


Our personalised Santa letters are a wonderful gift. 

Choose between Santa Claus and Father Christmas.

The letter will be printed onto A4 luxury ivory hammered card.

The letter comes with a brown A5 envelope personalised to the addressee with their name and a Santa stamp.

The letter reads:

Dearest ________,

I have spent the whole year looking forward to writing to you. Over at the Northpole we have spent the year in awe of your kindness, genorosity and caring nature, we could not be prouder of you if we tried. We have watched with beaming smiles on our faces as you have brought true joy to all of those around you. We thought we may burst with pride at how kind, considerate and caring you have been. Spreading smiles to everyone you meet has been the sweetest thing to witness. Your braveness & willingness to grow & learn is truly admirable and something that has inspired so many of us here all across the North Pole. You have given light and meaning to the lives that surround you every day & that is the most precious gift one may give. A truly selfless act. The elves & I all agree that you are a shining example of the true magic of Christmas and for this we must thank you from the bottom of our hearts for spreading Christmas cheer by being your truly wonderful selves. We want to remind you that each of you are as unique as each snowflake that falls here at the North Pole and we urge you never to change. You are the magic the world needs. A special unique type of rare magic is inside of your hearts and the world always needs more _______l magic. Stay kind my friends.

Lots of Love and Christmas Magic Father Christmas