A5 Temporary Tattoo Sheet - Pink And Positive


Our temporary tattoo sheets make the perfect pick me up. Dazzle in dress up and help your littles express themselves, or get crafty with them!

Each pack will come packaged in clear cellophane wrap with a piece of backing board to keep them flat and waterproof!

This pack included ONE A5 sheet of our pink and positive tattoos!

All Orders will be posted within 3-5 working days with Royal Mail Class 1st Class.

Instructions for use:

Step 1

Take your temporary tattoo sheet and loosely cut out your chosen design with a pair of scissors.

 Tip: Scissors can be sharp. If you don’t feel confident doing this by yourself, then get a responsible adult to assist or do this step for you.

Step 2

Peel off the protective layer of film and discard the film. Do no discard the paper.

 Tip: This part can be tricky as the film is see through so it may seem invisible to the naked eye.

Step 3

Place the cut out piece of paper on the chosen part of your arm, design side toward the skin.

 Tip: The image on the paper will be reversed so that might make the placement trickier than expected.

 Step 4

Take the sponge & soak it in the water you prepared earlier, then lightly dab the back side of the paper until the paper is slightly see through.

 Tip 1: Use room temperature water. If the water is too hot it can damage your skin and can also affect the structural integrity of the receptacle.

 Tip 2: Don’t wet the sponge too much as the paper could become slippery when wet.

Step 5

Wait for 30 seconds for the design to soak and apply to your skin.

 Tip: You can wait longer if you would like. But whatever you do, DO NOT lift off the paper before 30 seconds.

 Step 6

Lift off the sheet to reveal your awesome new (temporary) tattoo!

 Tip: Gently lift this off, just incase the design hasn’t fully attached to your skin.

Step 7

This one is totally optional. Apply a bit of talcum powder to your tattoo when dry, it can make the tattoo look less shiny and temporary.

Step 8

Have fun!